Fellow Letter Winners,

​What at great time to be a Bulldog and an M-Club member.  During our last annual business meeting in November, the membership was presented with the proposal of our M-Club Alumni Association affiliating with the Bulldog Club.  The main purpose of this affiliation was to pave the path for our lettermen's club to be one of the best of its kind in the country.  After discussion and comments from the floor, we  unanimously voted to begin this process. 

​There are many positive changes and new ideas this affiliation represents to our membership as we move forward.  One of our top priorities is adding value to our membership and making the game day experience for every member at every sporting event better. One change already made, instead of December 31, our annual dues will now renew on July 1.  This will make it possible for an annual membership to be effective for the entire school year. Our new renewal date will also allow us time to develop new packages to choose from in addition to our 1 year, 3 year and lifetime memberships. We are in the process of our M-Club membership automatically qualifying us as Bulldog Club members!

​Another positive feature of our affiliation with the Bulldog Club...we will now have an office on campus in the Bulldog Club located in the Bryan Building.  Many of our daily operations will be coordinated by the Bulldog Club staff and our Past President, Tyson Lee.  Now, when we pay our dues, we will be linking into the University system. This will help keep our membership list, membership cards and correspondence current.  In doing so, we will be linked to the Ticket Office and other offices on campus.  We will be updating you as more details are finalized! 

​We also want to welcome our new Head Football Coach Joe Moorhead and his staff.  We do look forward to #Moorcowbell!!! With Super Bulldog Weekend just around the corner, we are in the planning stages of some new activities for the weekend, so please watch your email and website for updates!

As with every field and court of competition, our goal is to be the best. We look forward to continuing that pursuit of excellence with you and your M-Club.

Hail State,

Bill Maxey