Fellow Letter Winners,

​What at great time to be a Bulldog and an M-Club member.  It doesn't take long to tour campus and feel the excitement and see the facilities that rival any across the country.  From the New Dude, the Leo Seal, Jr. Football Complex, the Mike Sanders Track Complex, The Hump, MSU Golf at Old Waverly, Pitts Tennis Center, Nusz Park...you name it, the Home of the Bulldogs is one to be proud of.  And there is still more to come! 

The top priority of The M-Club is adding value to our membership and making the game day experience for every member at every sporting event better. One change already made, instead of December 31, our annual dues will now renew on July 1.  This will make it possible for an annual membership to be effective for the entire school year. Our new renewal date will also allow us time to develop new packages to choose from in addition to our 1 year, 3 year and lifetime memberships.  

​The MSU M-Club Legends Weekend was a huge success...we hope this will be the beginning of a long Pre-Season tradition.  New opportunities were introduced during the Friday night social...Stadium access from the Seal Building during the game, new check-in procedures that will make for a more manageable and secure gameday experience, ticket pickup the day before gameday, and more...it is going to be an exciting Fall, so come to campus soon and often!

As with every field and court of competition, our goal is Championship Standard!!! We look forward to continuing that pursuit of excellence with you and your M-Club.

Hail State!