My M Club Family,

Our Annual meeting is tentatively set for November 4th, 2017 before the UMASS Game.
2017 MSU Hall of Fame Gala Induction Gala is tentatively set for November 3rd, 2017.

I want to personally thank Wayne Madkin for his leadership as our President the last couple of years.. Wayne helped our organization create some momentum and I want to take that momentum and continue thinking of ways to build on the foundation he laid for us.

Our biggest needs as we enter into a new year include updating contact information, communication via email which will decrease our mailing expenses, and considering ways to partner with the Bulldog Club, the Athletic Department, and our Athletic Director John Cohen. We want to find ways to partner with the university so that we can continue to build a strong relationship that will provide opportunities and benefits for our organization and enhance the value of M-Club membership in the years to come. We want to continue to engage the leaders at Mississippi State and share our thoughts about our university while creating and cultivating policy initiatives that are in the best interest of current and former athletes.

This year we will continue focusing on process improvements and standardization in our operations.  We intend to streamline certain activities that will provide opportunities for cost savings, technology upgrades, and transparency. We are currently spending approximately 30% of our income on mailing expenses which is why we are considering ways to decrease these costs and direct this money to other important areas. If you would like to receive your letter via mail, please let us know. Please visit our website ( to update your email address.
With the city of Starkville and our university continuing to grow and improve, the M Club wants to be about that as well.  We want to maintain stability in the years to come so that we can work to make Mississippi State a premier place to be and come back to once you graduate and move on in your lives. With that being said, we will be considering increasing our dues for the year with the desire to use that money to progress our organization. In considering this, we will have a detailed plan of why and where these funds will be used to grow and improve the M-Club.

Also, I've been doing a lot of research to find out what other schools in the SEC and across the country are doing for their lettermen. I've called and visited a few different schools to figure out how their lettermen's clubs operate with the desire to see our M Club continue to improve and make a difference as we move forward. As many of you know, there is a lot of potential with our organization and I will do all I can to to help leave a legacy that will impact the lives of others.

Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do for Mississippi State University. I’m thankful I get to serve as your President and hope to grow our organization. Feel free to contact me if you ever have any ideas or thoughts that could help make our organization grow!

Hail State,

Tyson Lee