M Club Family,

As you can see below, we will be ordering maroon and white shirts for men (right) and women (left). The cost of each shirt is $45 and will include shipping. Since there will be a lot of orders, please be patient with me as I work to get those in the mail as fast as I can. I'll have them in my office in the Bryan building on campus, so you can pick them up here if that works for you. We will work on getting other types of clothing in the future so you can look forward to that as well! 

Fill out the information below and click submit so that we will be able to keep a record of all the orders received. The reason I've asked you to fill out all the information below is so that I can do my best to make sure the orders are accurate. 

After you've done that, click "Buy Now" to finish your purchase. If you want to send a check to pay for your shirt(s), feel free to send that to our PO Box. If there are any problems placing your order, please let me know!

Tyson Lee


Cell: 662-425-6676

​​​​White M Club Shirt

​​​​Maroon M Club Shirt